Well point and deep well dewatering in action at two Sunshine Coast construction projects.

National Pump & Energy supplied complete site dewatering solutions for two Sunshine Coast construction projects. The projects required dewatering for ...

National Pump & Energy supplied complete site dewatering solutions for two Sunshine Coast construction projects.
The projects required dewatering for the construction of two-level basement carparks.
NPE supplied, installed and managed the site dewatering to ensure works powered ahead uninterrupted at the busy coastal development sites.
With two different approaches, NPE’s well point and deep well dewatering equipment were installed strategically across the sites to achieve maximum influence on the groundwater table.
The strategic location of the equipment also assisted the construction process, with ongoing management from our site supervisor, Richard.

Our specialist dewatering personnel are on site to vigilantly maintain the dewatering systems effectiveness and efficiency while monitoring the water quality to comply with the local government requirements.
Contact NPE to ensure reliable management of ground water and avoid unwanted weather delays for your next construction project.

How to choose between Well Point or Deep Wells for site dewatering?

Contact an NPE dewatering expert to discuss the best option for you.
The major difference between well point and deep well dewatering is that the wellpoint system relies on a vacuum that draws from above the excavation through a series of smaller diameter spears via the ‘header’ discharge pipe.
By contrast, deep wells are higher capacity – usually installed in a grid within site boundaries to maintain a safe, dry site.
These deep well systems have a number of individual wells, each with its own submersible pump.
Sometimes this style is also called a borehole.
NPE dewatering solutions are calculated to provide the most effective and efficient solution for your site.
Options will factor in space, timeframes and budgets and be tailored to your specific dewatering goals.

Deep Wells

• Piling contractor augers the well casing location to the required depth.
• NPE supplies well casing of the required length.
• The piling contractor installs the well casing to the required depth.
• The internal of the well is cleaned and cleared of any debris from the installation process.
• NPE’s deep well submersible pump is installed and connected to the discharge pipework.
• The system is then up and running. Influence on the ground water is depending on the ground conditions at the site.

Well Point (spear)

• Two methods of installation; hand install or hydro-excavation of spear location via high pressure water.
• Spear installed to required depth.
• Above process repeated around the perimeter of area required to be dewatered.
• Spears then connected to Header pipe via Flex Bow (clear pipe with control valve).
• Header pipe is then connected to the pump and discharge hose is connected and run to the approved discharge point.
• NPE BBA PT pumps are the market leader for providing consistent vacuum(suction) – required for this type of dewatering.
• The system is then run for 48-72hrs depending on ground conditions prior to the client excavating to their required depth, allowing the spear system to have effect on the ground water table.

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