What is Wellpoint Dewatering?

Wellpoint dewatering (also known as spear point) is an effective dewatering technique. The ground water table is influenced by means of drawing it down through the well points (spears) that are installed around the excavation area. National Pump & Energy’s Wellpoint Dewatering Systems are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to construction, development industry. Our range of pumps are super quiet and specifically designed to operate in residential areas or where high noise levels can be an issue.

Wellpoint Dewatering With National Pump & Energy

National Pump & Energy (NPE) provides the Australian construction and mining industry with a professional range of expert dewatering and water management solutions. We have branches located across the country and create customised wellpoint dewatering solutions and packages, tailored to meet each client’s specific site needs. We’ve got the people, products and expertise to deliver first class, wellpoint dewatering services.

We offer a total service solution, including planning, design, construction and installation. We use state of the art technology, to produce computer generated designs for your site. We’ve worked on projects large and small, from Cairns to Perth and everywhere else across Australia.

What is Wellpoint Dewatering?

People often ask us “What is wellpoint dewatering?” and how can it help us on our site? Wellpoint dewatering can be used to lower and control groundwater levels in excavations, in order to create a dry and stable working environment. Some of the suitable applications are pipeline construction, shallow foundations and trench works.

A typical wellpoint dewatering system will consist of a number of calculated wellpoints which are installed at an effective depth and appropriate spacing around or parallel with the excavation. These wellpoints are installed into the ground using a high pressure jetting technique, by hand or machine tooling. The wellpoints are connected to the surface, via a riser pipe, and in turn, connected to a common header main pipe through a flexbow.

The flexbows incorporate an adjustable valve which allows the control of air and water entering the system, known as trimming, to ensure a constant vacuum in the system and effective draw of water. The main header pipe is connected to a wellpoint dewatering pump and then discharged either to a designated point or through a water treatment system depending on water quality.

NPE Are The Wellpoint Dewatering Professionals

NPE stock a large range of wellpoint pumps designed and proven to be the most effective for wellpoint dewatering activities. Our range of Wellpoint Dewatering Systems have the ability to deal with very low flows in silty conditions right through to much larger flows in coarse sands and gravel. NPE’s wellpoint dewatering systems will typically run 24/7 to ensure a dry and safe work area.

NPE offer wellpoint system design, installation, hire or purchase Australia-wide including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Mackay and other areas as required. See the range here or contact us to discuss your needs.

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