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Evaporation Systems

Assisted Evaporation Systems

National Pump & Energy (NPE) are Australia’s assisted evaporation systems experts, providing innovative and effective assisted evaporation solutions and services to Australia’s mining and construction industry.


Why Use NPE Assisted Evaporation Systems?

  • Enables compliance with EPA legislation
  • More efficient and effective than solar evaporation
  • Reduces the need for additional storage ponds
  • Single and multi-system solutions
  • Fully automated solution with remote access
  • No overspray or contamination issues

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More Information

Assisted evaporation systems provide a unique, effective solution for customers where restrictions on discharging water off site, leads to excess water storage issues. NPE has pioneered assisted evaporation systems for the mining industry, and have evaporated up to 800 million litres of water on a single project.

We are the largest assisted evaporation system hire supplier in Australia, with around 200 evaporation system units. NPE also has the rights to three of the world’s leading assisted evaporation products, both land based and floating.

Assisted evaporator units are typically supplied in banks of multiple units, to achieve the desired removal rates. These are fully automated, run by weather stations which activate the systems based on pre-programmed weather criteria, so there is no need for site personnel to operate them.

NPE Assisted Evaporation Systems Equipment

NPE stock a comprehensive range of evaporation system units. With a large fleet of Turbomist, Landshark and Apex assisted evaporator units, and operational workshop facilities and hire branches strategically located across Australia in Mackay, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Kalgoorlie, NPE is well-equipped to provide either a single or multiple system solution for your site anywhere in Australia.

Power: 15kW 415v 4 Pole 50Hz Electric
Dimensions: 3350 L x 1820 W x 3050 H
Weight: 600kg
Configuration: Fixed Pitch
Rated Pressure: 10 bar
Power: 18.5kW 415v 4 Pole 50Hz Electric
Dimensions: 2080 L x 1470 W x 2020 H
Weight: 500kg
Configuration: Variable Pitch
Rated Pressure: 10 bar
Power: 18.5kW 415v 4 Pole 50Hz Electric
Dimensions: 2185 L x 1810 W x 1310 H
Weight: 500kg
Configuration: Floating Pontoon
Rated Pressure: 7 bar

Evaporation systems typically comprise of six evaporator units, pressure pump, electrical control panel, power generation and all required auxiliary equipment to complete the tie-in of hydraulic and electrical components. All evaporation systems can be fully automated by weather stations, which activate based on pre-programmed weather criteria, allowing the system to operate unmanned.

NPE Assisted Evaporation Systems Services

Our turnkey hire and supply service commences with concept, design and complete engineering, progressing through to fabrication, mechanical and electrical services to build systems in-house, followed by pre-installation testing before our assembly, installation and commissioning teams complete the process on site.

NPE has a reputation for delivering innovative evaporator systems hire solutions and providing purpose built, feature rich equipment with superior reliability. From basic trial setups up to large systems, our dedicated and experienced team will tailor a water evaporation solution to project requirements as either a rental, sale or hire to purchase.

With experience in the pump hire, dewatering and water management industry, the NPE team understands the importance of working in partnership with customers to provide quality, safe and reliable services. For more information contact us today on 1800 737 687 or email

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