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Oil & Gas

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NPE – Trusted Partner - Key Supplier of People + Products + Professionalism

Recognised as a key supplier to the oil and gas industry, National Pump & Energy (NPE) supplies superior, fit for purpose oil and gas equipment, designed to meet the demanding international standards of the industry.

Primary Services

Ready for Rent Equipment

  • High Volume / High Head Pumps
  • Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Suction Lift Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Silenced Pumps
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Multi Stage Pumps
  • Triplex Pumps
  • High Pressure Test Pumps
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Desiccant Dryers
  • Flow Meters
  • High Pressure Hoses
  • Break Tanks
  • Associated Ancillary Equipment

More Information

National Pump & Energy understands the specific needs and requirements of Australia’s oil & gas pump industry. We have demonstrated capabilities and experience at a range of locations and countries, including offshore platforms and installations.

NPE equipment and services have been successfully applied to many of the largest oil and gas projects.

Our specialised fleet of oil & gas pump rental pumping equipment includes a substantial range of pumps, covering all types and sizes of water winning, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

Our customised equipment pump hire fleet includes high pressure and high volume desiccant dryers and industrial air compressors, as well as break tanks, high volume filtration equipment, flow meters, chemical dosing pumps and all hoses / valves / checks and sundry components, certified to stringent international standards.

We have everything you need to complete your next project, including experienced operators to advise and assist in the operation and maintenance of oil and gas equipment packages.

For more information on NPE’s oil and gas industry products and services, contact us today on phone 1800 PUMP RENTAL or email oil&
Oil & gas pump, power, compressor and pipeline hire Oil & gas pump, power, compressor and pipeline hire
 Oil & Gas pump, generator and compressor hire Oil & Gas pump, generator and compressor hire

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