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National Pump & Energy (NPE) are Australia’s hydromining specialists for the mining and construction industries. NPE deliver complete hydromining service packages from concept to creation, installation and commissioning, operation, maintenance and reporting.

Primary Services

  • Recovery of tailings
  • Tank and thickener cleaning
  • Water pond cleaning
  • Pit de-scaling

More Information

Hydromining offers a superior alternative to loading and hauling material. It’s fast, safe and cost effective, making it a popular option for many operations and situations in the mining and construction industry.

So what is hydromining? It’s the process where product is converted into slurry, through application of high pressure water, then pumped via a slurry pipeline to the desired location. Some practical hydromining applications include but are not limited to the following.

Return Pond Water Clean

Over time, water ponds which are gravity fed become full of tailings, which reduce their storage and surge capacity. These ponds require tailings to be removed periodically, however, because they are typically lined with HDPE (to stop contamination and seepage), excavation is not an option. Hydromining is the perfect solution. It agitates the solids (tailing build-up), pumping it back to the tailings dam. Cost effective and low risk.

Tailings Recovery

NPE’s hydromining techniques and slurry pumping capabilities provide a cost effective and efficient method of removing and transporting tailings to processing plants. This specialist hydromining method allows the tailings to be re-mined, unlocking potentially significant value for our customers.

Pit De-scaling

Hydromining can be utilised as an effective pit de-scaling (rock dislodgement) tool. With specialist high pressure water equipment, we are able to wash debris off the pit walls and help dislodge potential rock fall hazards present in active pits, from a safe distance. Stop the problem, before it becomes one.

Tank and Thickener Cleaning

Hydromining equipment can easily be utilised to wash away material build up in tanks, reservoirs, thickeners and other vessels, to allow for general cleaning and / or inspection / maintenance to be undertaken. To ensure maximum safety, our procedure can be carried out without the requirement for personnel to enter the confined space. By keeping personnel out of these spaces, NPE can minimise risk and associated confined space safety issues. A typical thickener can be cleaned within a 48 hour period making it the ideal solution for shutdowns.

With extensive experience in the pump industry, the NPE management team has the expertise to deliver customized hydromining solutions to meet your needs. Contact NPE today on 1800 737 687 or

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