NPE Whistleblower Policy

This policy sets out to provide managers and employees of National Pump and Energy (“NPE”) with information about our Whistleblower policy and procedure.

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Our Whistleblower Policy

Are you worried about something you’ve seen or heard but are not sure what to do about it?

Submit secure and anonymous safety or care concerns, or report on an incident relating to a NPE site.

Issues you could report include

– Observed incidents or concerns about a staff member’s conduct towards someone we support or another staff member

– Observed injuries or behaviours of concern shown by someone we support

– Risks in the workplace, or risks to the wellbeing and safety of someone we support

– Bullying or harassment between staff members

– Concerns about supervisor or manager behaviour

– The system enables management and other relevant authorities to make effective responses to incidents or risks in the service, while maintaining anonymity of the person making the report.

How it works
Submit an anonymous concern or incident through the website link below
Your report will be sent through to the NPE Incident Management Unit for their consideration and to action any needed follow-up
NPE HR POL 018 Whistleblower Policy

If you would like us to send you a reply, please include your contact details in your report.

Submit an anonymous report

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