Hydromining Natural Mud Layer

Hydromining of natural mud layer to expose overburden.

Hydromining - Project Management

Hydromining of natural mud layer to expose overburden. This mud layer presents an expensive and resource demanding problem therefore Sakari Resources commissioned NPE to carry out a mud removal trial using the proven hydromining method.

The mud is agitated by high pressure / flow water cannon so as to achieve conversion into slurry. The mud removal was combined with a screening system to remove vegetation embedded in the slurry. Services provided include:

  • Initial and ongoing project assessment
  • Operational and management concept
  • Design of specialised components
  • Engineering and construction
  • Project execution
  • Supply of highly experienced hydromining operational and management personnel
Hydromining Natural Mud Layer

Requirements, Equipment and Images

  • High pressure booster pump
  • 6” mobile water cannon
  • High flow submersible discharge pump
  • High pressure water feed and discharge hose
  • Pipeline system
  • Mobile workshop

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