Civil Site Dewatering Equipment

Full civil site dewatering and leachate pumping during civil works.

Civil Site Dewatering

As part of the delicate civil works of a redundant landfill facility that bordered a waterway, NPE were approached by the engineering department to assess the requirements and develop a pumping solution that would ensure total containment and discharge of the leachate water.

NPE supplied various hire pumps with telemetry controls and 450mm HDPE (poly) pipeline.

NPE hire pumps for civil site dewatering to reduce or remove water on and below ground water. Although it is often a factor that is ignored until site flooding occurs, water management is a crucial aspect of any civil construction activity.

The team at Taft Engineering and the associated contractors and developers were intelligent enough to plan for site dewatering activities and as a result have produced a more productive and environmentally safe worksite.

Stringent environmental controls on this site, as with most nowadays, meant that the containment and discharge of leachate water with the potential to be environmentally harmful was critical. We are pleased to say that the project was a complete success with no spills occurring and the management of water on site carried out to the highest standard with the client extremely happy with the outcome.

Civil Site Dewatering Equipment

Requirements, Equipment and Images

Supply a pumping solution that would ensure total containment and discharge of the leachate water across the site.

  • Pioneer PP88S12 silent canopy pumps
  • SPP QC150 trailer mounted pump
  • Grindex Submersible pump
  • 12kVa generator
  • Electronic flow meters
  • Telemetry monitoring and controls
  • 800m of 450mm HDPE pipeline
  • 150m of 300mm HDPE pipeline
  • Various spools and manifolds
  • 180mm and 200mm layflat hose

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