Caval Ridge Mine Dewatering

Design, construct and install an effective water management system that would dewater a disused pit at the Caval Ridge Mine site, including offsite control capabilities.

Water Management Systems - Dewatering

The Caval Ridge Mine is an open-cut coal mine located 170 kilometres south-west of Mackay, 6 kilometres south of Moranbah. Yielding 5.5 million tonnes per annum of high quality, hard coking coal, the mine has an expected production life of 30 years.

Campbell Mining Services, now National Pump & Energy (NPE), were tasked with dewatering an old, disused mine pit for remining of coal for the new Caval Ridge Mine.

Our specialist water management and mine dewatering team visited the pit to develop a customised solution, taking the geographic, environmental and site conditions into consideration. Services provided include but are not limited to: site assessment, concept design, construction and installation, management and operation.

Caval Ridge Mine Dewatering

Requirements, Equipment and Images

NPE developed a customised dewatering system for this Caval Ridge Mine site including: supply pump, pipe and equipment for installation and commissioning with a pump rate of 260 litres per second at 130m of head pressure. As per the client request, the pump control is either manual or remote, via telemetry system that can be controlled from anywhere via internet.

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