NPE - Sludge Press System

The sludge press is a custom built water treatment system NPE invested 2 years of research and development into that is able to turn liquid waste into solid waste, a form of waste far less expensive to dispose of offsite.

NPE - Sludge Press System

The sludge press is a key component of NPE’s waste water and by-product management systems.  The majority of NPE’s water treatment methods produce liquid waste as they remove contaminants from effluent and store them temporarily in a more concentrated form (sludge).  Although these volumes are small relative to the volumes of clean water produced, they are tricky to manage on small sites and are expensive to dispose of over the course of a project.

The sludge press maximises the amount of water recovered from waste product, increasing overall system efficiency while significantly reducing the overall volume of sludge and solids that require offsite disposal.  Additionally, the sludge press turns “liquid waste” into a friable, spadable cake, which in turn falls under the category of “solid waste”: a form far less expensive to dispose of offsite.

The speed at which sludge can be processed depends heavily on the concentration and nature of the solids within it.  Pre-thickened mineral (metal precipitate, fine particle size) sludge can be processed at a rate of about 15 kL every three or four hours, producing approximately 1 m3 of cake.  Organic sludge and finely crushed ore (coarse particle size) can produce 1 m3 of cake every 30 – 45 minutes.  Dosing of polyelectrolyte to coagulate sludge prior to feed into the press is a requirement in almost all instances.

Max Flow l/sec15 kL thickened sludge per batch
Size6000mmL x 2400mmW x 2900mmH
Gross Weight10000kg
ContainmentStandard 20’ shipping container
Operating System20A 3PH power supply. Controlled via PLC and Graphical HMI

While this pump / equipment matches your duty criteria, other factors may determine the suitability and therefore NPE advise that you contact us to discuss your requirement.

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