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SPP - QC100M

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QC100M Features

SPP Pump’s AUTOPRIME QC100M pump is a fully bunded and enclosed diesel driven pump unit designed to pump liquids containing sewage and semi solids. The enclosure provides sound reduction, security and environmental protection for use in residential areas. Typical uses include the removal of ground and rain water from excavations, stream and pipe diversions and flood water control.

Design Features

  • Enclosed unit mounted on an optional road trailer or skid.
  • Fully enclosed 12 volt battery for safety and security with starting by key switch.
  • Pump will pass solids up to 40mm (1.5″) diameter and 65mm (2.5″) long
  • Reliable double mechanical seals which allow dry running for extended periods.
  • Pump will prime itself automatically when liquid is present and can be left running unattended.
  • Rugged construction requires minimal operator maintenance.
  • 110m3/h (65 cfm) vacuum pump with multiple pass air filter giving low emissions to atmosphere.
  • Minimum of 24 hours running time between refuelling.
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Overview of QC100M

Maximum Suction:
Maximum Head:
Solid Handling:
Max Flow I/sec:
Priming System:

Fuel consumption Fuel Capacity Options
- 24 hrs Trailer

Pump curves of QC100M

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