BBA Pumps - PT90 HA B

Diesel Driven High Efficiency Wellpoint Dewatering Pump

BBA Pumps - PT90 HA B

PT Wellpoint pump Cost of operation is one of the biggest concerns contractors have regarding their equipment. The BBA piston pump for well pointing, series PT is the solution. Extremely efficient and packed with user benefits, the PT pumps are capable of operating for very long periods of time on a small amount of fuel. Plus, the pumps provide high air handling necessary on the toughest well point and sock applications. The pump and engine are enclosed in the robust galvanized “B compact” sound attenuated enclosure, which reduces noise levels below 49 dB(a) at 10 m, allowing operation near noisesensitive areas such as hospitals and residential neighborhoods. The PT series are self-priming, positive displacement piston pumps. Because of its efficient design, the pump is capable of operating approximately 1 week using only 19 liter of fuel per day, dramatically reducing fuel costs.

Maximum Head (metres)20
Max Flow l/sec0.25
Maximum Suction9.2
Size2250L x 950W x 1200H
Fuel ConsumptionMax 1.5 l/h
Fuel Capacity180 litre, PE material

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