Quick fix for emergency sewerage redirection

It’s a make or break situation when you need to redirect 300l/s of raw sewerage at the last minute. Worse ...

It’s a make or break situation when you need to redirect 300l/s of raw sewerage at the last minute.
Worse still when it’s during peak flow for the day.
Faced with this unfolding incident – this Australian water authority made the right decision contacting National Pump and Energy for a fast response and effective management.  With all hands on deck, the local NPE crew were able to deliver a timely solution for the customer.
From the first call at 2.30pm, NPE jumped to action and were able to mobilise crews – including collecting equipment, coordinating trucks, cranes and forklifts.  They fabricated reducers for the pipework and selected the ideal pump for the job.


Quick Turnaround

NPE selected the NPE BA300 from their Ready to Rent fleet – strategically located around the country.
The compact design of the BA300 and its ability to pump against a closed system with 28m of head pressure, higher than most pumps, made it the top choice for the emergency bypass.
The pump needed to handle a flow rate of 50-300l/s to meet the Melbourne site demands. With a semi-open impeller, the BA300 delivers outstanding performance in high ragging sewer applications.
Particularly important as all three macerators at the treatment plant were offline during the event.
The NPE team coordinated plans and teams, and arranged manifold and pipework to suit.



Effective Solution

By 3am, the system was fully tested and commissioned. If the bypass was not successfully installed and made operational immediately, the site’s storage tanks had the potential to overflow and spill sewerage over the ground until the problem was fixed.
A fortunate outcome to avoid a big clean up.

Site manager Peter Sherwood said the successful install was met with plenty of jokes and smiles from the customer’s relieved onsite crew.
“We have a very happy customer and a safe, spill-free treatment plant today,” Mr Sherwood said.
Nice save!
If you require a fast response and effective pumping solution to solve your onsite headaches – count on National Pump and Energy.
Contact us today.


Clean emergency pump bypass installation

National Pump and Energy were quick to deliver a quality solution for this emergency sewerage pump hire project.

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