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25th Aug 2016

A Better Bypass Pumping Solution

What if there was a better way to do bypass pumping?

What if there was a way to do it that eliminated many of the problems and pitfalls of conventional bypass methods and offered increased reliability and performance but cost you less…..

Would you use it?

Working with a local water corporation, National pump & Energy designed, developed, supplied and installed a bypass system that did just this and it is setting the standard in the water industry.

Like any normal bypass pumping situation, the client wanted to divert water from certain area, in this case certain pumps that required scheduled maintenance. This necessitated the bypassing of the existing units whilst works were undertaken.

Bypass Pumping

This is a standard enough inquiry – however! Traditionally a pump would be installed on a bypass, the revs would be set to meet peak demand flow and/or pressure and the unit would be left to run.

The issues that this common installation caused were often:-

          a. Burst mains when demand dropped causing a pressure spike.

          b. Low pressure and flow due to pump being operated too conservatively.

          c. High Fuel usage due to pumps running at unnecessary revs and duties.

          d. High labour costs – 24 hours / day on-site monitoring to constantly adjust pump rpms to avoid issues.

Unwilling to stick with the Status Quo, NPE developed a bypass pumping solution could be implemented that could negate all the common issues that occur with the traditional bypass scenario. This included having the ability to enable the diesel pumps to automatically moderate water supply depending on the towns requirement at the time – something that had never been achieved before.

Having vast experience in the field and a Fleet of silenced diesel hire pumps with state of the latest in electronic engines and controls, NPE were able to offer a tailored solution to meet the requirements.

The NPE designed solution includes:

Full Automatic Operation – Duty Pump maintains constant line pressure of 400 kpa regardless of demand.

Fail Safe Operation – In the event of Duty pump failing for any reason the Standby / backup unit commences full Automatic Operation within 30 secs of shut down maintaining system pressure.

Full System Integrity Safety – Both Suction/ Inlet and Discharge pressures are monitored.

Full System Integrity Safety – Both Suction/ Inlet and Discharge pressures are monitored. Unit will automatically shut down in the event the pre-set pressures are reached. Safety on the inlet pressure ensures unit can not pull a vacuum or negative pressure in the town mains.

National Pump & Energy have the people, products and expertise to deliver on your project needs. For more information contact us today.

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