Western Wastewater Treatment Plant, VIC

For Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant upgrades, BMD Constructions is replacing the existing 55E Activated Sludge Plant with a new 150 ML/d Nutrient Removal Plant (NRP).

As part of ongoing upgrades to Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant, BMD Constructions are building a new 150 ML/d Nutrient Removal Plant (NRP) that will replace the existing 55E Activated Sludge Plant. The project involves constructing five NRP clarifier tanks, interconnecting pipe works, blower and service buildings, and several pump stations. However, before the construction works could take place, it was necessary to engage NPE to provide a dewatering system.

NPE rose to the challenge and designed and installed a horizontal dewatering system that included 13 piston pumps. Since its installation, the system has been operating smoothly with no failures. Although there were some initial issues with the system, including air influx, these were resolved by trimming the pumps and installing air relief valves. Overall, the dewatering system has succeeded greatly, maintaining a steady groundwater level with no breakdowns.

Western Wastewater Treatment Plant, VIC

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