NPE - Sand Trap

NPE’s range of Sand Traps are designed to significantly speed-up the settling time for sediment impacted water.  

NPE - Sand Trap

 Sand Traps are built with internal compartments separated by baffle plates which allow settlement time and thus cleaner water to decant into the next compartment. Water continues to cascade through the sand trap until reaching the outlet chamber. 

Sand traps represent the most basic water treatment step in the NPE line up. Their primary function is to stop heavy solid particles (sand and rock) from progressing downstream. While they have a limited ability to also trap finer particles like clays and cement fines, this is heavily dependent on flow rates and cannot be relied upon unless flows are relatively low. 

NPE has a range of sand traps of varying footprints to suit various applications and flowrates from 1 to 20 L/s. Larger sand traps are hydraulically capable of handling flows up to 100 L/s, however the rate of settling drops off significantly after 20 L/s. 

Gross Weightsmall: 300kg | large: 2000kg
Max Flow small: 5 L/s | large: 100 L/s
Size small: 1000mm L x 1000mm W x 1000mm H | Large: 7000mm L x 2000mm Wx 1600mm H

While this pump / equipment matches your duty criteria, other factors may determine the suitability and therefore NPE advise that you contact us to discuss your requirement.

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