NPE - PFAS Treatment Unit P2

The P2 Unit is a granular-media-based filtration system used in NPE’s comprehensive PFAS treatment systems.

NPE - PFAS Treatment Unit P2

The P2 Unit is a granular-media-based filtration system that houses four filter vessels in two separate stages. The unit is employed exclusively in PFAS treatment trains, as the final polishing step. The vessels can be run in two configurations: four filters in series, or two parallel trains of two filters each. Which configuration is used will depend on flow rates and incoming water quality.

In a PFAS treatment scenario, Unit P1 will remove the majority of PFAS from the treated waters, and Unit P2 will act to polish and remove contaminants to meet higher protection limits.
To maximise consumable life, generally the PFAS treatment modules would be employed after pre-treatment to remove gross contaminants like suspended solids and dissolved metals.

Max Flow l/sec10
Size6000mm L x 2400mmW x 2900mmH
OptionsSingle phase 10A power supply. Pressure sensors for remote monitoring of vessel pressure drops
Optimum Flow7.5-10 L/s
ContainmentStandard 20’ shipping container

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