NPE - PFAS Treatment Unit P1

Hydrocarbon removal systems can be installed as a plug-and-play system or can be specifically designed for projects requirements.
Removal of Hydrocarbons must be considered when sites have historical exposure to petroleum based products and other organic compounds.

NPE - PFAS Treatment Unit P1

The P1 Unit is a cartridge-based filtration system that houses twelve separate stages.  When employed to treat PFAS-impacted waters, each stage has a specific role, and broadly speaking the stages can be split into two categories:

  • Specially-infused cartridges that target specific organic compounds which, when applied in series, can remove a full spectrum of emulsions, semi-volatile compounds, water-soluble organics and PFAS. These active cartridges represent 90% of the initial consumables cost.
  • Sediment cartridges are present in a range of pore sizes and exist to protect the active filters from suspended solids. The sediment cartridges are relatively cheap, and are preferentially fouled and replaced as necessary, leaving the more expensive, active filters to focus on the task of removing organic compounds.

In a PFAS treatment scenario, Unit P1 will remove the majority of PFAS from the treated waters, and Unit P2 will act to polish and remove contaminants to meet higher protection limits.  In general the PFAS treatment modules would be employed after some pre-treatment to remove gross contaminants like suspended solids and dissolved metals.  This is to cut down on consumables use and plant downtime associated with cartridge swaps.


Max Flow l/sec10
Size6000mmL x 2400mmW x 2900mmH
OptionsSingle phase 10A power supply. Pressure sensors for remote monitoring of vessel pressure drops.
Optimum Flow7.5-10 L/s
ContainmentStandard 20’ shipping container

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