The Clarifier is designed to speed up and manage the settlement of solids from dewatering effluent and wastewater. They can be relied upon to remove the bulk of the suspended and precipitated solids load prior to further filtration, or if managed properly, can be used to reduce turbidity enough for discharge into waterways (where pH and turbidity are the key criteria). Clarifier requirements for a given project are dependent on flow rate and analysis of the water quality. Multiple clarifiers can be run in parallel to accommodate higher flow rates and higher waste loading.


Water is pumped through the inlet pipe and travels upward over the inclined plates
• If required, flocculent and polymer may be added via slow-release flocculent block or by separate dosing
equipment. This is subject to influent water quality.
• Particles settle inside the clarifier and slide down into
the sludge funnel.
• Accumulated particles are removed from the bottom of the clarifier as required.
• Flocculated particles continue to settle out allowing
the clear water to flow upwards over the inclined plates and decant into the outlet chamber

• Highly effective solids separation.
• No moving parts, easy to operate.
• Simple to maintain.
• Easily expanded by adding additional units.
• Produces highly concentrated waste (low volume, less costly disposal).

Max Flow l/sec5-10 L/s
Size3000mm x 2400mm x 2700mm

While this pump / equipment matches your duty criteria, other factors may determine the suitability and therefore NPE advise that you contact us to discuss your requirement.

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