NPE - Chemical Dosing Unit Plus (CDU+)

 The Chemical Dosing Unit Plus (CDU+) is a pH and turbidity correction system used to treat extracted groundwater with a high or low pH, high turbidity and Total Titratable Acid (TTA) levels. 

NPE - Chemical Dosing Unit Plus (CDU+)

 It does this by adding calibrated amounts of pH modifiers (acids/bases) and flocculants/coagulants to the effluent stream. When used in conjunction with a clarifier, it is also highly adept at dealing with turbid, site surface water runoff volumes, prior to them reaching stormwater systems and waterways. 

While the primary capability of the CDU+ is to successfully treat water from Acid Sulphate Soil landscapes, it can also be used to treat waters impacted by ammonia, for disinfection and subsequent dechlorination of water mains, for clarification of lakes and other water bodies, for dispersal of pest-control measures in waterways, and more. Compact and smart wired (results are remotely accessible 24/7), the compact, solar-powered units deliver big results.

Max Flow l/sec60 L/s
Size2430mm L x 2200mm W x 2400mm H
Dry Weight2250kg
Gross Weight3750kg
Max Chemical Capacity1500L
Max Bund Capacity1800L
Internal Pipe Diameter150mm

While this pump / equipment matches your duty criteria, other factors may determine the suitability and therefore NPE advise that you contact us to discuss your requirement.

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