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Wastewater Bypass Pumping

Western Australia

Wastewater Bypass Pump

Wastewater Bypass Pump

The NPE wastewater bypass pump package supplied to the Water Corporation acts as the perfect solution for the Parade Road Wastewater Pump Station.

The super silent pump sets, which are capable of 190l/s @ 42m TDH, are equipped with state-of-the-art control and notification systems allowing automatic remote operation via the NPE telemetry system to ensure consistent and reliable operation.

NPE pride ourselves on delivering effective and efficient pump and power solutions.


  • 190l/s @ 42m TDH
  • Sound attenuated due to close proximity to residential areas
  • Remote start/stop and fault notification to reduce labour requirement


  • 2 x CP220i Pumpsets
  • Telemetry alarm notification system which¬†sends SMS alert messages. Notification will include when the pumps start, confirmation there is flow, alert if there is no flow for either pump, high lever alert, and notification pump have stopped on low level
  • Custom made plate to house the suction lines and cover the chamber to ensure no gaseous odours are released
  • Spooling and Hosing

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