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National Pump & Energy (NPE) provides the Australian mining and construction industry with a professional range of expert dewatering and water management solutions, customised to meet each client’s specific site needs.


Primary Services

  • Mine Dewatering
  • Civil Construction
  • General Construction
  • Heavy Industry
  • Site Drainage
  • Slurry Pumping
  • Stream Diversions
  • Process Water Supply
  • Main Drainage
  • Wastewater
  • Emergency Water Management
  • Sewage Bypass
  • Emergency Containment
  • Transfer Systems
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Wellpoint Dewatering
  • Sludge Removal

More Information

NPE has specific expertise in all facets of water management and dewatering for the mining industry, general and civil construction, heavy industry, utilities and government organisations.

Our integrated approach to dewatering includes planning, designing, constructing and installing successful dewatering systems includes using state of the art technology to produce computer generated designs for your site.

Advanced modelling ensures NPE can provide accurate advice for pumps, correct pipe selection, design and construction of water and slurry lines at your site.

NPE’s professional personnel have a thorough understanding of hydraulics and hydrology and their practical and efficient implementation at any site. This enables NPE to design and construct efficient dewatering systems customised for individual sites with their specific needs, including utilising manufacturer design tools for correct pump selection.

NPE will strike the right balance between meeting your regulatory compliance and delivering a cost effective, practical solution to delivering effective water management and dewatering solutions, including emergency floodwater management.

Our process is simple and effective. NPE work closely with clients on each case and site, developing an in depth understanding of your water management priorities before commencing work on design and construction of an effective water management system. This enables our team to factor all circumstances and requirements into the equation from the outset, including the integration of surface and groundwater. This ensures the finished result delivers the outcomes you are looking for.

NPE can provide specialist water treatment solutions and equipment to ensure that your site remains compliant with regulatory requirements. pH levels and turbidity can be measured and controlled to be within allowable limits.

NPE has the personnel, equipment and expertise to design and construct a customised water management system for your site. It will be cost effective and in full compliance of rigorous engineering and quality scrutiny. For more information, please contact National Pump & Energy today on phone 1800 737 687 or email

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