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Emergency Pump Hire


Rockhampton Flood Emergency

Rockhampton Flood Emergency Pumps were deployed to the region during the Cyclone Debbie period.

Knowing that NPE have a large range of hire pumps and experience with emergency flood pumping, Rockhampton Council put a call out to NPE in the hours leading up to the critical flooding situation in the region following the heavy rainfalls from Cyclone Debbie in May 2017.

NPE mobilised, installed and commissioned 4 x pumps after getting the first call at 5pm.

Fitzroy River floods with the peak expected on Thursday 6/04 at 9.4m.

The council and emergency services had installed temporary levees to help to save 2000 homes that were going to be inundated.

Unfortunately the water breached the levee through drains and threatened to flood from inside levee.

This is when NPE got a call and immediately sprang into action at 5pm on the Tuesday evening.

Trucks Loaded and dispatched and delivered 2 x 8″ pumps to Rockhampton by 3am the following morning.

Another call was received on Wednesday at 2.30pm for 2 more emergency units and hose. Units arrived on site at 7.30pm Wednesday evening.

NPE were on site Wednesday evening and Thursday to assist in unloading , installation and commissioning of pumps.


Rockhampton Flood Emergency

Supply, transport, install and commission pumps and hosing to deal with rising flood waters threatening 2000 homes.



4 x BA180 8″ silenced diesel pumps

Hose and fitting

Installation services


After hours mobilisation and installation

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