Pontoon pumping


Delivering an impressive 140l/s at 170TDH this pumping installation in the Goldfields in Western Australia has simplified pit dewatering operations.
The brine pumping solution was calibrated for the location’s requirements, and the pontoon was configured for the site’s specific gravity.
NPE selected the NPE 200-180, with QSK23 engine, to get the job done.
A comprehensive communications package, designed and installed by NPE, ensured the client and NPE could monitor the pump remotely in real-time.
This ensures the protection of the pump and motor but also avoids costly downtime.
NPE account manager Andrew Hoare said the pontoon’s fuel lines were all fully bunded and equipped with leak detection.
“This dewatering solution from NPE allowed the client to reduce pumps moving down the ramp and simplify dewatering operations,” Mr Hoare said

Pontoon pumping

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Pontoon pumping is ideal for projects where you’re not looking to mount the pump to a fixed point, and wish to move the unit further away from the bank as the levels drop.
National Pump & Energy excel in the design and sale of pump pontoons for industrial pumps, mining, wastewater and sludge ponds.
Our skilled engineering team design NPE pump pontoons in-house to tailor to your site requirements and budget.
Reach out and work with the experts on your next pontoon pumping project.

NPE 200-180, with QSK23 engine

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