Trident 2 Water Clarification

High efficiency water clarification and pH correction system for removal of silt, sand and other solids.

Trident 2 Water Clarification

The compact Trident 2 handles flows up to 5L/s – making them ideal for sites with space restrictions.

Designed as a simple and highly efficient efficient water clarification and pH correction system for removal of silt, sand and other solids.

Water enters the TRIDENT 2 and flows into the inlet distribution chamber. This chamber allows even flow distribution through the inclined plate pack, without entraining any of the settled solids. The water flows upwards through the plate pack and the solids slide down to the hopper. The clarified water is collected in the discharge flumes and overflows into the discharge well before exiting the unit. Solids are collected in the hopper and are thickened by gravity, prior to being discharged via the sludge outlet.
The TRIDENT 2 sludge hopper has 60 degree sides to allow gravity thickening and removal, without the need for a mechanical scraper.

Options for logging manually at the unit, or NPE can provide telemetry for 24/7 web based monitoring alarms and logging of the following parameters:
• Inlet pH
• Discharge pH
• Instantaneous flow rate
• Total discharge


Max Flow l/sec5
Size2200mm L x 3600mm W x 2194mmH
OptionsFully enclosed and lockable. Telemetry.
Max. Capacity5360L
Internal Pipe Diameter100/50mm
ContainmentFully enclosed & lockable
Operating System240 V
Dry Weight1150kg

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