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NPE has an extensive range of pumps, generators and compressors for hire or sale including submersible pumps, sludge and slurry pumps, clean water pumps, bore pumps, high head and high flow pumps, pontoon pumps, silenced pumps, generators, air compressors and associated equipment. Our key difference is that we offer a complete solution for your requirements. We take pride in delivering the right solution for all your needs and partner with leading brands, including BBA Pumps, Sulzer, Minetuff Dewatering Pumps Australia, Cornell, Pioneer Pumps, Denyo Generators.

NPE - NPE 350-100-600HP

Maximum Head (metres)142
Max Flow l/sec480
Solid Handling102
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NPE 350-100-600HP

NPE - NPE 250-70-300HP

Maximum Head (metres)122
Max Flow l/sec300
Solid Handling86
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NPE 250-70-300HP

NPE - NPE 200-180-700HP

Maximum Head (metres)180
Max Flow l/sec200
Solid Handling50
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NPE 200-180-700HP

NPE - NPE 200-40-150HP

Maximum Head (metres)69
Max Flow l/sec236
Solid Handling85
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NPE 200-40-150HP

NPE - NPE 160-50-140HP

Maximum Head (metres)71
Max Flow l/sec176
Solid Handling76.2
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NPE 160-50-140HP

NPE - NPE 80-180-350HP

Maximum Head (metres)201
Max Flow l/sec106
Solid Handling25
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NPE 80-180-350HP

NPE - NPE 70-80-100HP

Maximum Head (metres)76.8
Max Flow l/sec81
Solid Handling76.2
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NPE 70-80-100HP

NPE - NPE 65-120-150HP

Maximum Head (metres)146
Max Flow l/sec67
Solid Handling12.7
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NPE 65-120-150HP

NPE - NPE 50-150-150HP

Maximum Head (metres)168
Max Flow l/sec24
Solid Handling19
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NPE 50-150-150HP

NPE - NPE 40-200-250HP

Maximum Head (metres)256
Max Flow l/sec54
Solid Handling20
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NPE 40-200-250HP

While this pump / equipment matches your duty criteria, other factors may determine the suitability and therefore NPE advise that you contact us to discuss your requirement.


Flow Rate (l/sec)

Maximum Head (metres)



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