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Bypass Pump Hire Solution


Bypass Pumping

Bypass pump hire designed, supplied and installed by the expert team at NPE.

Fitzroy River Water (FRW) Was planning to conduct an upgrade on pumps at one of there pump stations. This necessitated the bypassing of the existing units whilst works were undertaken.

This is a standard enough inquiry – however! Traditionally a pump would be installed on a bypass, the revs would be set to meet peak demand flow and/or pressure and the unit would be left to run.

The issues that this common installation caused were often:-

          a. Burst mains when demand dropped causing a pressure spike.

          b. Low pressure and flow due to pump being operated too conservatively.

          c. High Fuel usage due to pumps running at unnecessary revs and duties.

          d. High labour costs – 24 hours / day on-site monitoring to constantly adjust pump rpms to avoid issues.

Unwilling to stick with the Status Quo, FRW wanted to investigate how and who could supply a bypass pumping solution that could negate all the common issues that occur with the traditional bypass scenario.

Fitzroy water wanted the ability to have diesel pumps that would automatically supply on demand to meet town pressure requirement – something that had never been achieved before.

Unsure whether this technology was available and following some investigation FRW were directed to NPE as the Market leaders in this type of bypass pump application. Having vast experience in the field and a Fleet of silenced diesel hire pumps with state of the latest in electronic engines and controls, NPE were able to offer a tailored solution to meet the requirements.



Flow – 40 -100 lps

Pressure – 400 kpa Constant.

Noise Level – Residential Area -> 60dba

Security – Fully Lockable Canopy

Redundancy – Duty / Standby Units.

Fuel Capacity – 24 hours with a 2000l remote fuel connection for 10 day operation.

Operation Method – Full Automatic Operation including Starting of Standby Pump in event of Duty pump failure for any reason.


2 x 8″ Silenced Pump Packs

Fuel Cell

Custom fabricated HDPE piping

Valves & Fittings

Pre Delivery Support – Supply of Start Up and Operating Instructions and operational methodology. Supply Site Install plan and drawings for connection and assembly of pumps/ Communication cables and fuel system.

Full Automatic Operation – Duty Pump maintains constant line pressure of 400 kpa regardless of demand.

Fail Safe Operation – In the event of Duty pump failing for any reason the Standby / backup unit commences full Automatic Operation within 30 secs of shut down maintaining system pressure.

Full System Integrity Safety – Both Suction/ Inlet and Discharge pressures are monitored.

Full System Integrity Safety – Both Suction/ Inlet and Discharge pressures are monitored. Unit will automatically shut down in the event the pre-set pressures are reached. Safety on the inlet pressure ensures unit can not pull a vacuum or negative pressure in the town mains.

Full On site commissioning and testing – NPE personnel attended site to commission both units, assist in bringing online for test run and ensure correct operation of duty pump and full automatic start up of Standby unit.

Full Onsite Training  – NPE attended site to conduct operator training and familiarisation.

24 Hr back Up Service – NPE is available 24 hours a day for back up support.

Optional Extras.

     Duty / Duty Arrangement – Units can be configured in such a way as to allow multiple units to operate in parallel with units starting and ramping / stopping automatically to meet demand. Same arrangement can be designed in Series to have units ramping to meet demand.

Telemetry – Full Remote Operation.

Float Level Control – Ability to control units via floats either for filling or empting applications.

PLC Connectivity – SCADA / MODBUS Available.

Flow Control – Ability to control unis via a flow meter to meet a pre-set flow.

Web Access – Access to NPE Web based control system to monitor and control pump units.


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